We can ALL play a role in suicide prevention.

Enjoy these video clips from our virtual No Matter What... You Matter suicide prevention event.
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Join our community leaders in preventing suicide on the Eastern Shore by
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Join the Fight Against Suicide Deaths

It's amazing how music and lyrics can help us address topics that might be difficult to talk about otherwise. This song gets to the heart of why it takes a community to prevent suicide deaths. It reminds us that we can ALL play a role in the fight against suicide - and that, for many, that begins with connecting with those who might be struggling and sharing the messages that "you are not alone" and "there's a reason to believe you'll be okay."

On average, each life lost to suicide affects 115 people.
In this video, community leader Justin Mulcahy tells his story of losing his brother to suicide in 2000. He describes it as a day that "changed his family's lives forever." Justin shares lessons he has learned from this experience and from his time working in law enforcement, including the importance of reaching out to others who might be struggling.

We ALL have a role to play in preventing suicide. For many, that means starting and continuing conversations with loved ones about suicide and mental health. In this video, CEO Beth Anne Langrell and Chief Clinical Officer Lesa Lee have a conversation about participating in For All Seasons' ASK. LISTEN. SHARE. campaign. They give helpful guidance on having critical conversations with those you love and things to remember if you, yourself, are the one who is struggling.